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Welding Equipment Sale

PolyWeld Tech has good relationships with suppliers of Butt Fusion Welding Equipment, Electrofusion Welding Equipment, and Extrusion Welding Equipment. If you are intending to do Poly Welding as a full-time job, we recommend buying high quality equipment that will stand up to the demands of the poly welding industry.

Welding Equipment Hire

Purchasing high-end welding equipment for one-off jobs can often prove not to be financially viable, on the other hand a smaller businesses can miss out on securing jobs because of lack of equipment.


Through our partnership with Acu-Tech Piping Systems, we can hire out a large range of high quality welders at competive rates that will assist your business win larger projects and secure contracts.

Proud partner of Acu-Tech Piping Systems

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Acu-Tech Piping Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance, thermoplastic pipe systems and solutions. They serve various sectors including plumbing, mining, civil, rural, gas, directional drilling and mechanical services market and offer a wide range of equipment for hire and sale. For more information, visit their website.



Butt Welding Equipment

  • Butt Welders
  • Pipe Rollers
  • Polyweld Wipes
  • Weld Bead Remover
  • Enclosures/ Tent Covers
  • Generators

Electrofusion Welding Equipment

  • EF Pressure Welders
  • EF Drainage Welders
  • Pipe Cutters
  • Pipe Scrapers
  • Turbo Handheld Pipe Scraper
  • Re-rounding Tools
  • Squeeze-Off Tools
  • Welding Alignment Clamps
  • Polyweld Wipes
  • Generators

Polypipe Handling Equipment

  • Coil Trailers
  • Decoiling Trailers
  • Vac Lifters
  • Pipe Rollers
  • Extrusion Welding Gun
  • Polyweld Wipes


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