HDPE Welding Training Courses


Nationally Recognised Weld Training Courses

Begin your polyweld career with training in certified units of competency for:

  • Join Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines using Butt welding (PMBWELD301E)
  • Join Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines using Electrofusion Welding (PMBWELD302E)
  • Weld Plastic using Extrusion Techniques (PMBWELD309E)

Here at Polyweld Tech Academy, our welding courses utilise a range of welding machines, combined with the latest technology and industry developments to ensure you gain the most relevant and quality experience.

Our nationally recognised course will help you become equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to begin a successful career in poly welding.

If you are already an experienced welder however, you want ensure that you are up to date with your training and experience, we also offer Refresher / Biennial Welder Assessment (recommended every 2 years).

Our welding courses are held at our own training facility in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne however, Anywhere in Australia is also workable if that would be more convenient for your organisation.



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Butt Weld Polyethylene Training Course


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Electrofusion Weld Polyethylene Training Course


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Extrusion Weld Training Course


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Combined Butt & Electrofusion Weld Training Course

PMBWELD301E & 302E

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Combined Butt, Electrofusion & Extrusion Weld Training Course

PMBWELD301E & 302E & 309E

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Reaccreditation Course

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Course Pre-Requisites

No previous requirements are needed to do these courses.

We do recommend that you have basic English and Math concepts to gain a solid understanding of your training.


Your assessment course will consist of:

  • A theoretical, written assessment comprised of multiple choice and short answer questions related to the finished theory training. Students may use course reference material in answering the Knowledge Test.
  • A practical assessment of your learnt welding skills in group exercises and individually.

Upon Completion

After successful completion of our training, you will receive:

  • A Statement of Attainment Certificate
  • A Welder License Card
  • A Welding Stamp that will be issued for each student achieving competency in Butt Welding
  • A Student Manual
  • The confidence to know that you are a certified welder and are ready for work
Nationally Recognised Training

Unique Student Identifier (USI) Enrollment Information

As of January 2015, each student needs a Unique Student Identifier (USI) when studying nationally recognised training to obtain their certificate or qualification from Polyweld Tech Academy. A USI gives you access to your online USI account which will keep all your training records together.

Accessible online from a computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere and anytime, Your USI will ensure you have easy access to your training records and results when applying for a job or enrolling in further study. For more information about creating your USI, click here.

Construction Training Fund on Polyweld Tech

Construction Training Fund (CTF) Subsidy

Training courses through Polyweld Tech Academy are approved courses eligible for a rebate through the CTF.

The CTF provides funding support for training of eligible workers in the construction industry. We acknowledge the support of the CTF in reducing the costs of training for eligible workers.


For courses in the metropolitan area, the CTF can provide a subsidy of $31 per hour (to a maximum of $248 per eight-hour day, or 70% of the actual course cost, whichever is lower). The maximum amount that can be claimed per employee, per course, is $1,300.


For courses in the regional WA, one can claim a subsidy of $34 per hour (to a maximum of $272 per eight-hour day, or 80% of the actual course cost, whichever is lower). The maximum amount that can be claimed per employee, per course, is $1,700.

For further information please visit the CTF Construction Training Fund website. Click Here