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Polyweld Tech Academy (PWT) is a registered training organisation (RTO 40687) and NATA accredited laboratory, onsite and inspection services provider.

We were established in 2012 to cater for the market demand for quality assured installations of poly pipe.

Being a leading Registered Training Organisation (RTO) ensures that all of our certifications are recognised and accepted by the industry and offers training that enables you to become fully qualified and certified to work within the industry, where certified training is vital for thriving in the sector.

Our courses are conducted by some of the most experienced poly weld experts in Australia. It covers both the theoretical knowledge and practical application of poly welding and teaches the correct techniques for successful butt welding, electrofusion welding and extrusion welding that is expected in the industry.

We also offer NATA accredited testing facilities and comprehensive QA/QC inspection services to ensure you are creating quality welds that will last a lifetime.

What polyweld is all about

Our Capabilities

  • Nationally Accredited Training in Butt, Electrofusion and Extrusion Welding
  • NATA Approved Testing Laboratory
  • QA/QC Inspection Services
  • Equipment Hire and Purchase

Our vision

“To provide industry leading excellence, integrity and service to all polyethylene welding practices.”


“We understand that employees are the most precious asset in your organisation. Therefore Polyweld Tech Academy exists to educate these employees, and to ensure that every poly-related task that your organisation undertakes is completed with the highest level of quality, confidence, and safety.”

Our Mission

“To be the industry leading brand that helps the market create quality assured installation of poly pipe through correct training and reliable testing.”

Meet the team

Our friendly team have years of experience and unparalleled knowledge on polyethylene welding practices.

Mark Atcheson


Training and Assessment Manager

Western Australia

Drew Rawling


Training and Assessment Manager

Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania

Dino Basic


Laboratory & Testing Assistant

Diego Horvat

Diego Horvat

Laboratory & Testing Technician

Sharlene Michael


Training & Business Development Manager

Carla Flamenco


Training Coordinator

Jasmine Dent


Polyweldtech Administrator