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"Ensuring excellence, integrity and service to your polyethylene welding practices"
  • Nationally Certified Poly Welding Training Courses
  • NATA approved testing
  • QA/QC Quality inspections

Polyweld Tech Academy is your premier destination for mastering the art and science of polyethylene welding, more commonly known as poly welding.

Our academy offers a comprehensive curriculum carefully crafted to empower participants with practical expertise in this specialised field. Our courses delve into essential techniques such as Butt Welding, Electrofusion Welding, and Extrusion Techniques, all tailored specifically for polyethylene materials.

With convenient locations in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne, as well as the flexibility to provide training at various locations across Australia, we ensure accessibility and thorough training experiences for our students. Additionally, we offer Refresher/Biennial Welder Assessments to help professionals stay updated with the latest advancements in poly welding practices.

Our NATA accredited testing facilities are dedicated to quality assurance tests relevant to poly welding, ensuring the highest standards are upheld in every aspect of this specialised discipline.

Embark on a rewarding journey in the world of poly welding with Polyweld Tech Academy, where we combine technical expertise, cutting-edge technology, and hands-on training to equip you for success in this vital and dynamic industry. Your future in poly welding starts here.

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Polyweld Specialists

The combination of welding training and polymer testing gives us helpful insight into the areas of welding that may require attention.

Nationwide Service

Our highly experienced trainers will happily travel nationwide to a location convenient to your business for your poly welding courses and training.

Nationally Recognised RTO

We are a registered training organisation to specialist companies in the industrial and mining divisions.

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QA/QC quality inspections, and our NATA accredited testing facilities certainly can help in maintaining high quality joint technique for your company.
PWT Nata Testing
Training Facility: Perth, Wester Australia


We offer NATA Accredited testing facilities and In-House Laboratory
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QA/QC Testing and Inspection: Kalgoorlie, WA


We can conduct all third-party QA/QC requirements both in our laboratory and on-site.
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110 Kelvin Road,
Maddington WA 6109
42A River Road,
Redbank QLD 4301
48 Abbott Road,
Hallam VIC 3803